Sunday, August 28, 2011

Role of Government

Colonial Government
  • Sir George Grey – Governor General 1861-68.
  • Sought “substantive sovereignty.”
  • Julius Vogel – Premier 1873- 76.
  • Assisted passage, confiscation of land to pay debt and provide settlers with land.
  • Possible Māori Reserves
  • NZ Government borrowed money to pay for new migrants who wanted land.
  • Land was to be confiscated from ‘rebellious’ Māori rather than ‘loyal’ Māori.
  • In practise, little distinction was shown.
  • Increasing pressure to confiscate land from Maori who had fought (or not) in order to sell farmland to new migrants.
  • 1.19 million acres in Taranaki.
  • Māori reserves were promised but not delivered.
  • By doing this government could pay back debts and prevent financial crisis.

Government Role
  • Government bribed Māori to leave confiscated land.
  • Te Whiti suggested the bribes meant that confiscation were a sham and by working “occupied” land Māori could reassert their right to it.
  • John Bryce, Native Minister was adamant Parihaka must be removed.
  • Under Bryce, Māori were to be given 'the greatest facilities for…placing their land before the public for sale'

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