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Parihaka Personalities

Te Whiti o Rongomai
? - 1907
Held monthly meetings which attracted many followers, held on the 18th signifying the 18th of March 1860, the attack on Waitara, the start of the Taranaki Wars.
Te Whiti was an orator who recited passages from the bible.
He demanded non-violence and community.

"No good thing has ever been wrought by force ... there is no reason why force should continue to have power over us."
- Te Whiti o Rongomai

“Land he wants, but a recognition of his independence he wants more”
-Reverend T.G Hammond, 1880

Tohu Kākahi
  • c.1828 – 1907
  • A relative of Te Whiti (Te Ati Awa).
  • A fanatic member of the Pai Mārire faith. He was described early on as a spiritual leader.
  • Fought in the Taranaki Wars but like Te Whiti he would later focus on fierce but non-violent resistance.
  • He moved to Parihaka after the wars.

John Bryce
  • 1833 – 1913
  • Minister of Native Affairs 1879 – 1884.
  • Was known by many Taranaki Māori as Bryce Kohuru (Bryce the Murderer).
  • Fought Titokowaru in 1868.
  • This was in reference to his alleged involvement with the killing and wounding of several young Māori boys some years earlier.

Another important figure who pops up now and again is Titokowaru, click on his name to be taken to a Biography on him.

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