Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parihaka Before 1881

Before 1881
  • Founded in 1867 by Te Whiti O Rongomai.
  • Intended to help prevent further bloodshed by being open rather than a fortress.
  • Māori were attracted to it as a site of Māori autonomy, away from colonial settlements.
  • By 1870s Parihaka was one of the most prosperous and populous Māori settlement in the country.
  • Parihaka became a model of hard work, enterprise and communal responsibility.
    • slaughterhouse, bakery, bank and generated its own electricity.

Threats to Parihaka
  • Te Whiti refused to accept illegal confiscation.
  • Monthly meetings warned against increasing bribery and corruption from Colonials for land.
  • European visitors were still welcomed with hospitality, dignity and courtesy.
  • BUT they were living illegally on confiscated land – calls to thwart a rebellious enemy were made.
  • Surveying of the land for roads, telegraph and settlement using land at Parihaka started July 1878

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