Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Zealand Background

Pākehā Settlement
  • The private NZ Company settlement in 1841 of New Plymouth, Taranaki.
  • Resistance from local Māori, the British Crown and English settlers (land hadn’t been surveyed – problems?)
  • Treaty of Waitangi, 1840
    • Ideas of partnerships, sovereignty and rangatiratanga.

  • Musket Wars – marauding tribes from Ngati Maniapoto (Waikato) forced Taranaki from their land.
  • Led to (and fuelled by) a musket “arms” race.
  • Taranaki Wars in the early 1860s fought over land and control (mana).
    • First war – 3,500 Brits Vs 1000 Māori. Stalemate.
    • Second war – Seen as a defensive war for Māori

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