Sunday, August 28, 2011

Resistance in New Zealand: Parihaka - an Introduction.

“Though some, in darkness of heart, seeing their land ravished, might wish to take arms and kill the aggressors, I say it must not be. Let not the Pākehā think to succeed by reason of their guns. . . . I want not war, but they do...The government come not hither to reason, but go to out-of-the-way places.  They work secretly, but I speak in public so that all may hear.”
- Te Whiti o Rongomai

What was Parihaka?
  • Parihaka is a place, a village.
  • Teachings from Old Testament, and the principle of non-violence.
  • Many threatened hapu (sub-tribes) from North Island were attracted to the settlement and its two leaders, Te Whiti o Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi.
  • South Taranaki 1860-1890.
  • Resisted invasion of estate.
  • Used non-violent resistance.
Taranaki as seen from Google Earth.

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