Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parihaka Rebuilt

Campaign Renewed
  • August 1884 Te Whiti and Tohu began a new campaign to publicise the loss of their land.
  • They held large protest marches across Taranaki.
  • In July 1886 another campaign emerged where Māori entered Settler farms and set up thatched huts.
  • Te Whiti was arrested twice more for various charges including accessory to forcible entry, riot and malicious injury to property.

  • Parihaka was rebuilt beginning in1889.
  • By 1896, systems of water supply and electric lighting had been introduced at a time when even the city of Wellington was without electricity.
  • Government still viewed it with scorn, Seddon claimed Parihaka encouraged Māori to led “lazy and dissolute” lives. He vowed to destroy “this communism that now existed.”
  • Te Whiti and Tohu both died in 1907, but the faith they established and the spirit they engendered has survived them to this day.

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