Sunday, August 28, 2011

Consequences of Parihaka

Direct Consequences
By 1881, Māori had been defeated, largely by the advantages the European had, in terms of numbers of professional soldiers and better war technology.

Wider Consequences
Historians agree that the impact of the colonial experience in Taranaki, including the invasion of Parihaka, for Māori has been severe, and that a post-war syndrome has developed.
  • Generations of Māori were brought up to believe that there was no future in being Māori.
  • There is a distinctive lack of te reo Māori speakers in Taranaki.
  • Traditional knowledge of land management and genealogy are critically short.
  • Many older Māori in Taranaki tell of being told not to speak Māori, and to try and become Pākehā.
Cultural and social impacts of the confiscation are still being felt today

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