Sunday, August 28, 2011

Release of Te Whiti & Tohu

Offers & Rejection
  • Te Whiti visited by a member of Bryce’s staff – offered release, government income and land for himself if he ceased to assemble his people.
  • He refused. The offer was made again and rejected again.
  • Prisoners were transferred to Nelson where they received a third offer also refused.

  • Under pressure from Britain, Te Whiti and Tohu were released March 1883.
  • To guard against further difficulties the Government passed the West Coast Peace Preservation Act 1882 Continuance Act 1883.
  • The prophets remained subject to rearrest without warrant, charge, or trial.
  • The prohibition on Māori gatherings stayed in force and no Māori could travel to or in Parihaka without a special pass.
  • The Armed Constabulary remained stationed there.

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