Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reform & the October Days

The October Days
  • The king protested the nationalisation of the church.
  • The assembly decided they could take Legislative Power (Making laws) while the king took Executive Power (Ruling the Country).
  • The King refused to approve any assembly decree. 
  • A hungry and angry mod descended on Versailles, the King was given no choice but to accept the decrees and go to Paris with Antoinette on 6th October.

Voting & Tax Reform
  • Three tiers of active citizens were made but favoured wealthy men at higher levels.  
  • But 61% of Frenchmen could take part in some lower level bodies (compared to 4% in England).
  • In 1791 the new tax system had three parts:
    • Land tax, for all land owner
    • Movable goods tax
    • Commercial profits tax
      • these benefitted the poor, but were inefficient and poorly administered.

 Economic, Legal & Church Reforms
  •  Free trade in grain throughout France was introduced, without customs duties.
  • Workers’ guilds were ended to allow easier entry, and the Assembly outlawed strikes
  • Justices and courts were standardised to make the legal system universal.
  • Church was reorganised and democracy was applied. Corrupt practices like absenteeism removed. 

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