Thursday, August 18, 2011

Constitution & Revolutionary Wars

1791 Constitution
  • The Assembly aimed to establish Constitutional Monarchy.
  • A legislative assembly would have 745 members – elected every two years. 
  • The King appointed ministers and military commanders.
  • The King could have suspensive veto, except financial and constitutional matters.
  • Waging war required agreement.
  • The King was subordinate to law. 

“…so monstrous that it can not survive for long.”

- Marie Antoinette on the 1791 Constitution.

Émigré & War
  • Many elites unhappy with reforms left for countries like Austria and opposed the new France.
  • Austria and Prussia declared support for the King, also worried revolution may spread to their nations.
  • The Revolutionary War, including also Britain and Spain, lasted 10 years, resulting in the death of 1.4m French.

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