Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meeting of the Estates General

The Fall of the Ancien Régime
  • 1789 is not only one of the most important years in French history, it is also central to European history.
  • As events escalated out of Louis XVI’s control, resulting in the collapse of the Ancien Régime in France, new structures were created.
  • The emergence of a more democratic system of govt as a consequence of popular upheaval set a precedent for other people in Europe.

Key Dates

Estates-General Meeting 

  • All three Estates met on 5 May 1789 aimed to stop absolute rule and to limit the King with an elected assembly.
  • The Third Estate declared themselves National Assembly on June 17. The Clergy voted to join on June 19th.
  • A royal session was prepared by the King to announce reforms in reaction on June 23.
  • The Third Estate were not allowed in their usual hall on 20th June as it was being prepared for the Royal Session. They instead met outside in a tennis court…

Tennis Court Oath
  • Call to remain united.
  • Pledged to remain until the constitution was written “upon solid foundations”

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