Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is the ideas and actions a nation takes in relation to nations outside its borders.

The Seven Years War
  • France had been long term enemies with Austria and Britain since the 1400s. 
  • 7 Years War brought Austria and France into alliance.
  • 7 Year War was an epic fail for France, with massive defeats to Britain and their American Colonies.
  • France lost nearly all territory in North America and West Africa.
  • This left them grumpy, and yearning for revenge!  

The American Revolution
  • France saw a chance for vengeance and joined the 13 American Colonies in Revolt (1778-1783)
  • This wasn’t because they agreed with the Enlightenment principles but because they wanted to minimise British influence in America (Mercantilism).
  • Managed to significantly help in the defeat of Britain.
  • But this introduced soldiers to revolutionary ideas.
  • France incurred massive national debts.

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