Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Term Consequences

Constitutional Change
  • The 1795 Constitution created an Upper House (250) and a Lower House (500)
  • A new Executive called the Directory had power to appoint positions.
  • Without addressing economic conditions the new system was weak.
  • As the Army grew, and with some military success, Napoleon seized on the chaos to stage a coup and declare himself Consul in 1799

[Note: You will should have notes here on Napoleon's rise to power]

Long Term Consequences
  • The changes in France influenced Europe for years.
  • After the Napoleonic Wars the Congress of Vienna divided Europe into clearer states.
  • Nationalism and democracy eventually spread in the following 50yrs.
  • Social and economic reforms happened throughout Europe.
  • An emerging bourgeoisie class gained power from the monarchy.
  • The power of church was altered.
  • Despite continuing poverty, fairness and equality became important goals. 

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